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About Us

Amazing Textures - About Us

Imagine you were always browsing the internet, looking for textures to download. There are plenty out there – some of them pretty good. So you download gigs of them over time, and you dedicate a hard-drive to storing your textures. Sorted.

But what happens when you need a particular kind of rock texture for a scene you’re working on? You know you’ve got something that would be perfect… (after all, you’ve got at least 50 gig of textures – there must be something suitable amongst all that lot. You’re just not sure where to look. Somewhere in an obscure folder zipped up on a DVD for storage? Could it be lost somewhere in the thousands of random directories on your hard-drive? Seriously, how much time do you have to look for it?

Situation sound familiar?

The alternative is to support Amazing Textures. Whenever you need a particular texture for a scene you’re working on, come to the site, identify the category you’re looking for, and browse the textures till you find the one you want.


-  Easy to remember – amazingtextures.com (or ).
-  Available any timeall day, every day. We’re not going anywhere.
-  Available from wherever you are – home and work
-  Simple to navigate – clear interface, labelled categories, thumbnails for quick browsing
-  Easy to use – ready to drag and drop into your scene

Admittedly, if you’re a dial-up user, you’re probably thinking this doesn’t sound so great. And it’s true – this service is aimed at broadband users. We can’t deny it – our textures are quite large files to download, and this doesn’t make it easy for dial-up users.

But for broadband users, we guarantee you this is the way of the future. It’s time to start making use of the full potential of the internet.

This is a growing resource. With your support we will continue to add texture collections to this site on a regular basis, expanding the number of textures available for you to download.

Helping Amazing Textures

There are a couple of ways to support us:

- Donate your royalty-free images and textures
- Donate your money

Donate your images and textures

What we need are images and textures, hi-res (1200x1600 minimum). Please only upload texture you think would be useful to other people

To do this, register then go to the "your images" section and click the download button in the top right corner. As easy as that

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